Portfolio Setbacks

Not the happiest of entries today I’m sorry to say.

About 2 weeks ago my computer started acting stranger than usual. I got scared so I made a backup of my hard drive. Yesterday I had some sort of hard drive hiccup.

Good thing I made a backup right? Oh except that was 2 weeks ago and I had worked on things between now and then… which consisted entirely of school-related projects. Therefore I have a lot of work yet to do on storyboard proposals #2 and #3. I’m not happy about this on top of being sick during presentation day and my new email DNS settings acting funky so I couldn’t email my teachers, I pretty much didn’t want to face school this week.

So I spent all night trying to get my storyboards drawn out in time and despite getting 35 storyboard frames done for #2, it was only half of the storyboards needed. Then I gave up and got like 2 hours asleep and forced myself to go to school eventually basically empty-handed. I have the chance to meet with my teachers this week for the portfolio presentations and catch back up, thank god, but have a lot to do to get to that point and its gonna suck.

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A Little Stuck + Theod Costume Day 1

Well, things kinda slowed down. A lot.

I ended up being so over occupied and tired last week… I was entertaining an out of town guest for 2 weeks, had the Pokémon Tournament and Starfest to attend, got stuck at my parent’s house way longer than planned and then on top of all that was too sick to make it to school. SO I didn’t get to give my presentation yesterday, not that I would have had much of one to give. I’m already feeling myself fall into my old procrastination-perfectionist habits, but it’s week four of school so that’s not surprising it’s kicking in now. I’m already feeling overwhelmed and it’s a real motivation killer. I struggle with this nearly constantly so I’m just gonna have to get through it somehow. Like always.

Don’t mind my silly rambling. Read on for the rest of the more exciting stuff…

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Narrowing to 3 Ideas

Alright so my class presentation went really well considering. I think I really over-stressed about the whole thing because ultimately I do get to decide which 3 projects I’m going to storyboard out and pitch to the animation faculty.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to 2 for sure:

1. Theod as an “imaginary friend” developing himself over time (Live action video w/ 2D & 3D animation + costume)

2. Two monsters fighting over a flower (2D OR 3D animation)

3. Still debating

There’s more! Read the for the rest of the story and more details about my choices…

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Operation: Portfolio – Phase 1

Hello hello, all who have stumbled upon this blog. I’ve owned this little corner of WordPress for awhile now but have yet to make much use of it.

Well now I have an excuse to.

Allow me to introduce what’s going down here. I’m Michelle “Riley” Carbaugh, a current animation student at the Art Institute of Colorado. I am in my final year and scheduled to graduate December 2012. From now until that date I will be in 3 different portfolio classes that focus on the stages pre-production, production, and post-production for a total of about 30 weeks worth of time to work and create a 30 second animated short.

This blog will be a documentation of this project- a compilation of pictures and videos, thoughts, ramblings, updates, whatever that is related to this project updated consistently as I work. Some of this information may be mirrored on my other accounts across the net but only bits a pieces. Here is where you get the whole story from conception to completion.

If this interests you, awesome! Be sure to follow this blog or keep an eye on my Facebook/Twitter to keep track of new posts. And most importantly, read the rest to get the first look at the project…


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And so it begins…

Allow me to introduce to you my latest project:

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